How do you revive dead hair?

How do you revive dead hair?

– Get a trim.
– Take vitamins.
– Add omega-3s and antioxidants to your diet.
– Avoid washing your hair every day.
– Wrap your hair instead of air drying.
– Cut down on heat styling.
– Try colder showers.
– Use essential oils.

How can I revive dead hair without cutting it?

– Get A Professional Smoothing Treatment.
– Get Fresh Cuts.
– Use A Restorative Clarifying Shampoo.
– Avoid Heat and/or Use A Heatspray.
– Mend With Masks.
– Give TLC To Those Ends.
– Look Into Your Water.
– Get Regular Blow Outs.

Will damaged hair repair itself?

For the most part, hair damage is permanent because hair is actually a collection of dead cells, making them beyond repair. The only real cure is time, a pair of shears, and taking steps to prevent new damage.2018-02-21

Can dead hair become healthy again?

Does damaged hair grow back healthy? The only way to get healthy hair is to allow your hair to grow without further damage. If you’d damaged your hair by over-styling, too much heat or over coloring with harsh chemicals, the good news is – your hair will grow back healthy.2020-08-11

Can you revive damaged hair without cutting it?

The bottom line. The fastest way to get rid of heat damage to your hair is to get a haircut. But you may want to give your hair some time before you do anything drastic. It may be possible to restore your hair’s natural texture and shine with the help of moisturizing treatments and adjustments to your hair care routine 2019-09-23

How can I revive my dead hair at home?

Put the life back into your limp or damaged hair with this terrific home remedy: combine 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons olive oil and 3 egg whites, then rub the mix into your hair. Keep your hair covered for about a half hour using plastic wrap or a shower cap, then shampoo and rinse.2018-01-04

what to do with dead hair

– Lower the Temperature on Your Tools.
– Handle Wet Hair with Care.
– Indulge in Rich and Healing Hair Masks.
– Embrace Leave-Ins.
– Get Professional Treatments.
– Seal Your Bonds.
– Trim Your Split Ends.
– Swim and Sun with Care.

How do you bring dead hair back to life?

– Get a New Hair Brush.
– Make a Deep Hair Cleanse.
– Get a Trim.
– Get a Deep Conditioning Treatment.
– Eat The Right Foods.
– Hydrate.
– Stay Away From Hot Tools.
– Don’t Dye Your Hair (For a While)

Can dead hair be saved?

There are a lot of products out there — conditioners, serums, shampoos — that promise to heal and restore dry, damaged hair. Sadly, there’s really no way to heal damaged hair. Hair is not a living tissue with regenerative abilities, so it can’t heal. It has no nervous system, blood, or living cells.2020-06-28

Can dead hair be revived?

Because hair is not a living tissue with regenerative ability, it cannot heal and repair. You can use oils, conditioners, hydrolyzed proteins or other ingredients to disguise the issues temporarily but it’s akin to using makeup on the face.2021-08-12

How do you fix dead hair?

– Use Shampoo And Conditioner For Damaged Hair.
– Wash Your Hair In Lukewarm Water.
– Use A Deep Conditioning Treatment.
– Comb Your Hair Before Shampooing.
– Dry Your Hair With A T-Shirt.
– Apply Leave-In Conditioner.
– Apply Heat Protectant.
– Give Heatless Hairstyles A Go.

Can you grow out dead hair?

Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, you can eventually grow the damaged hair out as long as the follicle itself has been preserved. The most common causes of damage are below. Damaged hair can still grow eventually, but routine damage can result in negative consequences for your hair.2020-05-13

How can I get my dead hair to grow again?

– Cut Your Losses.
– Keep Heat Styling To A Minimum.
– Don’t Over-Wash.
– Condition, Condition, Condition.
– Be Extra Gentle When It’s Wet.
– Eat Your Hair Healthy.
– Avoid Certain Hairstyles.
– Try A Targeted Treatment.

3 Ways to Revive Dead Hair – wikiHow

Treat your hair with olive oil and honey. Olive oil and honey is one of the best natural treatment options for damaged hair. To use olive oil and honey, mix half a cup of olive oil with a quarter cup of honey. Work the mixture into your hair. Then, wash the mixture out with a gentle shampoo.

Dead Hair: How to Revive Your Strands | All Things Hair US

Technically speaking, all hair is dead hair. But for the sake of argument (and this article), we’ll address the intent of that statement and consider dead hair to mean strands that are damaged, rough, and majorly unruly. Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier to do some major, almost irreparable damage to your hair than you may think.

How to Repair Damaged Hair: Common Causes and Treatments

For the most part, hair damage is permanent because hair is actually a collection of dead cells, making them beyond repair. The only real cure is time, a pair of shears, and taking steps to

How to Bring Dry, Dead Hair Back to Life | GQ

Sure, the latter is a bit more expensive, but trust us, the investment save you time and money in the long run when it comes to the health of your hair. If you do go that route, though, make sure

9 Tips on How to Repair Damaged Hair – Matrix

If your hair and scalp need refreshing, try a dry shampoo on the second or third day. Finally, wash your hair with lukewarm or cool water, and finish the shampoo process with a shot of cool water. Cool or cold water can help damaged hair by closing the hair cuticle and causing the hair shaft to lie flat, resulting in shinier, smoother hair.

5 Easiest Ways To Repair Damaged Hair Without A Salon

Your damaged hair could be caused due to bad hair care routines, heat styling, dyeing and extreme temperatures. We have put together different ways to rectify it using conditioners, serums, masks and a good hair care routine. Let’s delve deeper into the types of hair damage, treatments and prevention tips.

25 Products That'll Help Bring Dead Hair Back To Life

Get them from Amazon: shampoo for $6.64 and conditioner for $6.45. 13. Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Protein Treatment is a miracle-working hair treatment that might just spin your damaged, hay-like

What to do About Dead Ends Hair? – Buzzcut Guide

Dead ends are part of a bigger problem: your hair is damaged and needs protection and care. One of the best ways to take care of it is by using products that specifically target damaged and dry hair, like leave-in hair masks. Source. After shampooing, apply the mask generously from root to ends, and let it sit for a while.

8 Types of Hair Damage (Causes, Fixes and Prevention)

The go-to hairstyles today are dead straight hair or bouncy curls. What makes them so popular is the ease with which you can style your hair either way at home with the help of heating tools. Hair straighteners and hair curlers have surely become every girl’s best friend when it comes to hairstyling.

Doing HAIR On a dead person. – myLot

lelin1123. @lelin1123 (15629) • Puerto Rico. 29 Oct 09. If I could cut hair I would surely do it for my customers when they die. However, I know it would be done with alot of tears in between. I’m sure the first time I did it would be the hardest but as I continued I think it would get easier to accomplish but still with alot of tears.

How To Fix Damaged Hair – L'Oréal Paris

While your hair definitely does need to be brushed to remove tangles, it doesn’t need that much brushing 一 just a few very gentle strokes will do. 10. When All Else Fails 一 Get A Trim. If you’ve tried everything else to get your hair damage under control, heading to the salon to trim your dead ends and damaged strands can be a great reset.

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How to Restore Damaged Hair: 15 Steps (with – wikiHow

When you wash your hair, massage your scalp with your fingertips and gently pull the shampoo through your hair, rather than rubbing it vigorously. Do the same with conditioner. Let your hair drip dry for a few moments before gently squeezing out the excess water with a microfiber towel or T-shirt.

Dead Hair: Your SOS Guide to Damage Control | F.Y.I.

Dead Hair: Your SOS Guide to Damage Control. BY Felicia Ler. In the realm of hair care, the words “dead hair” evoke as much fear, revulsion, and horror as does Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter saga. Strands that look like they’re on the verge of death often show worrying signs of dullness, frizz, dryness, split ends, not to mention an

How Do You Know If Your Hair Follicles Are Dead? 2022

The results of this will tell you if your follicles are truly dead or not. If your doctor is hesitant to do a scalp biopsy, a second option is a hair pull test. This second test is much less invasive; however, it is also less accurate. Simply put, a hair pull test involves pulling several strands of hair from your scalp.

Try these 10 home remedies to treat dry and damaged hair

Home remedies to treat dry and damaged hair. 1. Have butter. On dry hair, apply some butter and massage well. Cover the hair with a shower cap for about half-an-hour and then wash it with a shampoo nicely so that all the butter washes off. 2. Using hair oils. For dry hair, olive oil is one of the best treatments.

How Do I Revive Dead Hair Follicles? –

Since topical treatments do not revive dead hair follicles, surgical intervention is needed to restore hair growth. Mayo Clinic suggests hair transplants and scalp reduction to replace or remove dead follicles and restore hair growth to bald areas, although it states that these procedures come with high costs and potential risks.

Here's How I Salvaged My Bleached Hair After a Salon Disaster

Ultimately, I made an appointment at another nearby salon for the next day. The comforting angel of a receptionist was extremely reassuring, telling me there were a number of things the staff could do to try to salvage my hair. So ever-so-carefully pulling my tangled hair into a scrunchie, I went to sleep hoping for a miracle.

5 Types of Damaged Hair and How to Treat Them | Allure

Hair damage can be tricky to treat, but there are ways to prevent it from happening in the first place. Experts told Allure the best ways to deal with the most common types of damage.

What Causes Dry, Brittle Hair and How Can You Treat It

Washing your hair every day can strip away the natural oils that keep your hair hydrated and conditioned. Try washing your hair every other day instead, using a dry shampoo if needed on the days between. Be more mindful of how you wash your hair. When shampooing your hair, concentrate the lather at the roots and leave the ends alone.

What causes dead ends in hair? 7 Main Reasons

Dead ends in the hair are caused by physical damage, damage with chemicals, excessive brushing, sunlight, lack of hair nutrition, genetic problems, and not using hair oil. These reasons are treatable. People with weak hair always remain anxious about their hair.

7 Things You Can Do With Your Dog's Fur Instead of Trashing It

Here are seven things you can do with your dog’s fur. 1. Knit Clothes. Just like you can spin and knit sheep’s wool, you can do the same thing with dog fur. From mittens to a sweater, a piece

How to Correct Damaged Hair Without Cutting It | StyleCaster

Lay Off the Heat. “There are a couple of ways to repair hair damage without cutting your hair. The most important first step is to try and stop further damage—so identify the source of your

Infrequently Asked Questions: How can hair be healthy if

Hair is dead protein cells, so no. It’s not alive. There are no live nerves in the hair — only at the follicle where the hair attaches to the head. That doesn’t mean that we should not take care

How to Get Rid of Split Ends – Healthline

Still, some hair care experts worry it may actually cause split ends and damage hair follicles. If you want to try candle cutting, seek the help of an experienced professional. Doing the method on

How to Repair Bleached Damaged Hair Fast! 1 Hour EASY Remedy

My hair is fried since of last year and since then, i have been using hair mask that my hairdresser told me to use. She said it would take 2 years to fully repair even though my fried hair is dead hair and cannot be fixed. I was wondering if this hair mask is worth it and would these steps you mentioned would help my hair repair faster.

5 Ways to Use Dead Sea Salt: What's Dead Sea Salt Good For

So what exactly do the minerals in the Dead Sea salts do? A fairly partial list: the magnesium heals the tissues, the sulfur, which is a natural disinfectant, accelerates hair growth, the potassium adds moisture to the skin, zinc treats and cures acne, calcium accelerates the growth of nails and bromide wakens the skin to life.

Split Ends: How To Get Rid Of Split Ends – Luxy Hair

To give your hair an extra dose of TLC, try to schedule a pamper night once a week and treat yourself to a hair treatment. This DIY coconut repairing mask is great for repairing damaged hair, and best of all it only calls for 2 ingredients! In fact, research has shown that treating hair with oils actually helps prevent split ends from forming.

What Can I Do About Dry Ends? – Byrdie

In case visiting a hair salon frequently isn’t in the cards for you, opt for an at-home trim, but be mindful of only trimming the dead, split ends. You can communicate to your stylist that you’d like a “dusting,” which implies dusting the ends where they need to be freshened.

9 Best Hairstyles For Damaged Hair – How To Get Great Hair

#1. Hair Length – that’s an essential aspect, if you want to be satisfied: Are you willing to cut some of your hair? If yes – how many inches? Or do you prefer a hairstyle of the same length? #2. Damage Level – here’s the thing: the less damaged your hair is, the more options you have

What to Do With Broken Hair at The Crown / Top of Head

Hi everyone! In today’s video I discuss what to do with broken off hair at the crown! How to reduce all the puffiness from all those short pieces and make th

Hair Care Repairing Dry and Damaged Hair – WebMD

Heat is still the best way to get a sleek, smooth look. But you do need to protect your hair from damage caused by blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. Apply a heat styling cream while your

Stunning Cut Dead Ends Off Your Hair Hairstyles For Girls

Outrageous Cut Dead Ends Off Your Hair Different Hairstyles To Do With A Bob 30 Flirty Thriving Hair Trim Trim Your Own Hair Hair Styles. Dont cut your hair says celebrity hairstylist Scotty Cunha. Do this slowly so that. Split ends can make tresses look thin and frail.

7 Ways to Look Flawless While Transitioning to Natural Hair

“Every time I washed my hair, the dead ends would get all knotted up, so trimming my hair made it more manageable and cut down on my styling time,” she explains. For those who don’t feel as

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Why Is My hair So Stringy: How To Fix Stringy Hair

2. Dry your hair upside down. Put the brush down. For now. When blow-drying your hair, it is best to start by using your hands. Brianna Colette, a stylist at L.A.’s Nine Zero One, says, “Flip your head upside-down and start by rough drying. This will lift the roots and rough up the cuticle, maximizing volume.”

Hair Scrapping? – soompi hangout – Soompi Forums

I dunno. Basically it’s taking some of your hair, like a small handful of strands and then using the razor end of a pair of scissors (like you hold it out and use one side of the scissor) to scrape the hair while your other hand is holding the strands straight(in front of the mirror of course) and then when you do it all the dust, dead skin and dirt or whatever in your hair starts coming out

13 Careers Working With the Dead | LearnHowToBecome

Median annual pay:$23,130 per year Floral Designer Although floral designers do not work directly with the dead like many of the other professionals on this list, their work is an integral part of funeral services and they can provide a lot of comfort to people who are grieving through their beautiful flower arrangements. By using their

How to Rehab Your Hair When You've Gone Too Far With a

The hair growth supplement definitely works — but it takes dedication. In about three months you’ll see results, and once you do, you’ll have hair growth everywhere — so make sure you’re

What happens to my hair and nails after death? – Science Buzz

The reason the hair and nails don’t shrink is because while the rest of the body does, it’s already dead. The only part of hair that is alive is the follicle (a small spherical group of cells) and when that dies, you go bald over times as your hair falls out. And since because your hair grows do to protein and oil, there isn’t any living cells

How to repair damaged hair: Methods and how they work

Hair consists of two structures. The hair bulb follicle is the living part located under the skin. The human scalp contains approximately 100,000 hair follicles.. The hair shaft is the nonliving

The Truth Is Out, Ladies: Your Long Hair Is Killing Your

The Truth Is Out, Ladies: Your Long Hair Is Killing Your Career. As a professional woman (as opposed to an amateur woman, apparently), I can assure you, from the bottom of my follicles: Your career success will have absolutely zero to do with how long or short your hair is. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform.

Is hair mostly dead cells? –

Most of us do know that nails are made of a tough, dead substance called keratin, the same material that makes up hair. But nails actually start out as living cells. Behind the cuticles on fingers and toes, just beneath the skin, a structure called the “root” churns out living cells that go on to form the nail.

Ponytails Damage Hair: Here's What To Do – Moms

On the other side of that coin, though, comes a few issues with ponytails. If putting your hair in a ponytail is your go-to hairstyle of choice, depending on how you do it and with what materials, you could potentially be causing damage to your hair that could lead to breakage and massive split ends and even extra hair loss.

What you can do about COVID hair loss – Yahoo! News

As weird as it sounds, getting a therapist and having a good cry to release cortisol is one of the best things to do when it comes to hair loss,” Sagen says. Exercising can also be beneficial as it helps to decrease stress by reducing your cortisol (stress hormone) levels and improve blood flow too. Subscribe to our newsletter.

How to Deal When Your Hairdresser Cuts Off – StyleCaster

Make masks a regular: Dry, damaged hair won’t do you any favors. Start using hair masks on the regular to promote healthy growth, plus give your hair some extra shine while it needs a little TLC.

4 Steps to Help Repair Dry Damaged Curly Hair – LUS Brands

4. HANDLE WITH CARE. If your curls are damaged, they’re already in a fragile state, so be gentle with them! Take your time when detangling, making sure to tackle knots while your hair is wet and has plenty of slip. Taking the extra step to protect your curls and give them a break will help with a speedy recovery.

10 Ways to Deal and Get Real With Cat Hair – Catster

Dead hair comes off of the cat’s coat during petting, Miller said. “All that’s left is shiny new hairs,” she said. Miller also recommends wet-hand petting for Orientals,

Repair Dormant Hair Follicles | Viviscal Healthy Hair Tips

How to Treat Dead Hair Follicles. First, DO NOT PANIC. It’s not the first time we’ve said that on this blog and it won’t be the last, but it bears repeating. There are treatments that likely can help you repair and regrow dead hair follicles. Minoxidil. One very good medication to reactivate dormant hair follicles is minoxidil. Applied

Anime Mom Hair / Dead Mom Hair – Know Your Meme

Anime Mom Hair or Motherly Side Plait refers to the side plait hairstyle commonly used in manga and anime to demonstrate that the character is a housewife. Due to such characters tending to get killed and then serve as a driving motivation for the main protagonist, the hairstyle is also known as Dead Mom Hair.

How to Repair and Restore Bleached or Over-Processed Hair

Wash your hair less so natural oils can do their job.getting a trim every 6-8 is very important ladies!!!!! I’m going back brown with my hairdresser. He said putting the color back in will help seal up my hair so it’s not frizzy and a mess!! Emily from Missouri on :

7 Obvious Signs of Hair Damage – Do You Have One

Sometime the hair doesn’t always look damaged, but there are a few things you can look out for that will help distinguish the difference between healthy and unhealthy hair. Here are 7 ways to tell if your naturally curly hair is damaged. SPLIT ENDS. Do your curl crushes brag about going a year between trims or a proper hair cut?

I Didn't Cut My Hair for 11 Months – Mane Addicts

Cervando started trimming my extremely-dead ends, and performed a little dusting up and down from mid-shafts to ends. Dusting is a technique used to remove split ends quickly without compromising hair length. Too much dusting, Cervando notes, can thin the hair out so make sure your stylist doesn’t over dust.

Your Guide to Aging, Thinning Hair: 5 Simple Tips

“You can do a lot to strengthen and repair your hair for a thicker, more lustrous sheen,” she says. Dr. Bergfeld offers these tips to love your hair at any age: 1. Wash less frequently.

10 Bodily Functions That Continue After Death – Gizmodo

Since you do measure the length of hair and nails from the point where they meet the skin to the tip of the hair, the hair does ‘grow’. 9. Brain activity (with drugs)

Question: Why Do They Put Lye On Dead Bodies

What does lye do to dead bodies? A body is submerged in a solution of heated water and lye. After a matter of hours, everything but the bones dissolve into a liquid made up of water, salt and other components safe enough to go down the drain.

Mortician Makeup Skincare – What Happens When You Die

Then we embalm, then wash again, and then shampoo and condition the hair. Sometimes people had horrific knots because they had been lying in bed for a long time, so they would get dreads in the back.

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What to Do About Hairballs in Cats – WebMD

When your cat grooms themselves, tiny hook-like structures on their tongue catch loose and dead hair, which is then swallowed. The majority of this hair passes all the way through the digestive tract with no problems. But if some hair stays in the stomach, it can form a hairball. Usually, your cat will vomit the hairball to get rid of it

10 Creepy Things Bodies Can Do After Death – Listverse

6 Illusions Of Growth. Even though someone has been ruled dead, it may take time for the body to fully cease functioning. Once the brain shuts down, the body follows, but some have claimed that though the body is no longer alive, the hair and nails continue to grow.. As horrifying as that sounds, the truth is that the hair and nails only appear to have grown.

Blackheads: What They Look Like, Treatment & Prevention

Salicylic acid dissolves dead skin cells to prevent your hair follicles from clogging. Azelaic acid: Barley, wheat, rye and other various grains naturally contain azelaic acid. It kills microorganisms on your skin and reduces swelling.

14 Fun Things You Can Do in Red Dead Online

Shop and Get Haircuts – The towns in Red Dead Online work just as they do in the single-player. You can head off to the saloon for a drink, stock up on supplies, or treat yourself to a new revolver.

How To Open Closed Hair Follicles [ Discover The Secrets

These essential oils could help encourage hair growth. 4. Do a salicylic acid scalp peel. In the case that dead skin cells, oil, grease, dirt, and DHT are the culprits behind your closed hair follicle, you will have to do a salicylic acid scalp peel to get rid of them. This is just the same as using a clarifying shampoo to get rid of hair buildup.

DNA Testing With Hair – IDTO DNA Paternity Testing Services

Most people acquire hair samples before speaking with a DNA testing company. We always recommend you consult with an IDTO DNA consultant. In the event, you are reading this post and you already collected hair samples. Please check the hair sample now. If the hair samples do not have the white speck at the root end of the hair follicle.

What Your Hair & Scalp Say About Your Health – WebMD

To decrease the buildup of dandruff’s dead skin cells, try using an antidandruff shampoo daily. Unlike men, women rarely go bald, and they tend to lose hair more slowly than men do. Contrary

How To Treat Extremely Dry and Damaged Curly Hair – LUS Brands

Damaged, Dry Curly Hair. Damaged curls often become very dry and brittle. You might have experienced something like this after heat styling, hair dying or perming your hair. but holding on to dead ends can actually get in the way of growth. The fastest method to get on track to healthy, hydrated curls is to snip those bad boys away. Healthy

What To Do When You're Dead: Science Edition | IFLScience

This also works with those who are to be buried, as locks of hair can also be used to source the carbon (which is extremely cool, since it means you can also do this when you are alive).

Six steps: What to do when you find a tick on yourself

2. Clean the bite location. Clean the area of the bite with soap and water, an iodine scrub or rubbing alcohol. 3. Dispose of or contain the tick. To get rid of a tick, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends flushing it down the toilet or wrapping it tightly in tape to throw away with the garbage.

How to Do Your Hair for a Funeral

Men’s Hair at Funerals. Men rarely have to do much out of the ordinary for their hair at a funeral, although it’s always a good idea to take an extra moment before you head out the door. If you have short hair, your regular style (as you would wear it to work) is usually sufficient.

What to do with Nits But No Lice – Center for Lice Control

Then, during your comb-out, you would find dead bugs or discover only the eggs. You can do a thorough combing head check on wet hair and still not find any lice because they will run from you. So if we do a combing head check on someone and we find nits we know that there must have been an adult female louse there.

Is the Brazilian Dead? How to Find the Best Hair Removal

The hair in that area is so course and grows in a few different directions, so you can only get as close to the skin as your razor will let you—so result depends on your hair type and how good and new your razor is. Unfortunately you can get ingrown hairs from any type of hair removal, but shaving does increase your chances.

How to Regrow Hair Follicles – STEPBYSTEP

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar The dead skin cells of your scalp clog up your hair follicles, putting a stop to new air growth. Therefore, use pure apple cider vinegar to cleanse your scalp and to remove the dead cells. Procedure: Pour some pure apple cider vinegar into your palm, dip the fingertips of the other hand into it and apply to your dry hair roots.


When your hair follicles are dead, they do not regrow hair. You can inspect your scalp and look for signs of hair growth. Even if you only see thin hair patches or fuzzy texture, your hair follicles are still alive and will continue to renew themselves. If you don’t see any activity for a month, there is a high probability that your scalp has

Fear of Hair Phobia – Chaetophobia | FEAROF

Chaetophobia is a rare phobia which causes an irrational, abnormal and persistent fear of hair. The word is derived from Greek khaite which means ‘loose flowing hair’ and phobos meaning aversion or fear.Other names used for the phobia include Trichopathophobia where tricho is Greek for hair and patho for disease. Thus Trichopathophobia means extreme “fear of hair disease” which causes

Hair – Wikipedia

Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis.Hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals.The human body, apart from areas of glabrous skin, is covered in follicles which produce thick terminal and fine vellus hair.Most common interest in hair is focused on hair growth, hair types, and hair care, but hair is also an important biomaterial primarily composed

Your Hair (for Kids) – Nemours KidsHealth

The hair you see on every part of your body contains dead cells. That’s why it doesn’t cause pain when someone cuts your hair with scissors! Nearly every hair follicle is attached to a sebaceous (say: sih-BAY-shus) gland, which is sometimes called an oil gland.

Gray Hair: Everything You Need to Know About Causes and

Why your hair turns gray. According to the Department of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, gray hair first appears in both men and women generally between the ages of 34 and 44. As for

Box Braids: What You Need to Know About the Protective Style

Everything you need to know about box braids, what the process is like, if they damage hair, cost, after care, and more, according to celebrity stylist Dr. Kari Williams.

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